Nina's Knits

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OK, I have no idea what i was thinking trying to throw a luau style vow renewal in just a few weeks! I am stressed beyond belief! No time for knitting today...I can already feel the tensions creeping in. God help me....


Fun, Fun, Fun!

Today was a hectic day...had a hospital appointment for bloodwork. I went to the local Leukemia and Lymphoma Society office and I got a great gift....a HUGE bag of yarn!! They started a knitting circle to knit scarves to sell as a fundraiser and they asked me to knit in with them. I also volunteered to knit hats...which delighted them! Yay...knitting is fun! I am such a yarn addict...what to do, what to do. Now I must prepare my grubby little boys for a big family!


The Wonders of Technology

Wow! I have arrived! I can't wait to start posting my thoughts and ideas! I am feeling a little giddy right now...